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When I first arrived on campus this past week for the first time in over three months, there were two things that immediately caught my eye: the Westfield State College pillars that are located in front of 333 and Woodward, and the new traffic light located at the Davis Hall commuter lot intersection. I was initially impressed with the new additions to the campus, but I became a bit skeptical of the traffic light after seeing a sign that said, “No Turn On Red” when pulling out of commuter lot. I immediately thought of the inconvenience the lights will be as you anxiously await to turn right at the green light. All while your looking to your left and seeing a quarter of a mile of empty road. It will be hard to fight the temptation to go, but deep down you know there is a WSC cop lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on anyone who disobeys the new traffic laws.

Westfield State College Junior Matthew Costonguay, a commuter and West Springfield resident believes that the traffic lights will be received with mixed emotions by students and faculty. “I now have to deal with 16 traffic lights in my seven mile commute to school in the morning which adds to the inconvenience that is traveling through Westfield.” Costonguay stated.

Another interesting addition that are sure to catch everyones eyes are the enormous television monitors that are located on various dorms and academic buildings that say “watchfire.”

The monitors will be used as information bulletin boards, providing students with useful information about the school.

One of the nicer additions to the campus was actually a re-location of the giant globe that used to be located behind Wilson which is now located in the center of the green between Dean Dining Commons and Lammers Hall. The globe, which also used to be located outside of the Arno Maris Art Gallery in Ely, is the perfect addition to what once was a barren green.

Let’s not forget about the two big additions everyone has been waiting for, one of which I have been looking forward to all summer. Last spring President Dobelle announced the addition of a restaurant by day, bar by night which would replace the corner café located in the back of the dining commons. To his credit, he did not disappoint. At first glance you can barely tell that any construction has even taken place this summer, but when you look closely you will see a beautifully renovated dining area complete with a California style eatery that serves as a restaurant by day and a bar for students that are over the legal drinking age at night.

Finally, what has been talked about for months and was originally supposed to be a starbucks, has become a reality. Dunkin Donuts has been added to campus and is located on the first floor of New Hall. For all of the students and faculty who need coffee to survive, they no longer have to rely on jazzman’s or, for the more desperate folk, fighting the morning traffic in the center of Westfield just to get that fresh cup of joe that will somehow make their busy day more tolerable.

For now the changes seem good and everyone seems happy, and with President Dobelle, we can expect to see many more changes to improve campus life and our experiences at WSC.


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August 30, 2008 at 10:43 pm

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