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T.I.P. set to rock WSC

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If your looking for something to check out on the first “Thirsty Thursday” of the year, then look no further than the Ska/Punk band T.I.P, which will play at 8:30 p.m. on September 4th.

If you enjoyed Reel Big Fish two years ago when they rocked Spring Weekend then you’ll enjoy T.I.P.

“We’re Rock & Roll with horns,” Patrick Hunter, lead singer of T.I.P. said. “Our goal is we want to play straight up, high energy music.”

The Amherst, Massachusetts native said his bands College Rock style has gotten them show’s all over New England and he’s very excited about the show on Thursday.

“I grew up in Amherst playing show’s in my friends basement. So playing at college’s show’s how far we’ve come,” Hunter said.

Hunter added that the band started playing at Keene State College in New Hampshire where they got a lot inspiration for albums.

“When we were in college we played with a punk band from Amherst named Einstein and we would play at bar’s in the Keene State area,” Hunter said. “A lot of the time the bar’s would pay us in drinks, so we would always tell the crowd to go to the bar and get drinks on our tab. After Einstein played one of it’s member’s named Snakebite got pretty intoxicated, and he had ridden a bicycle to the show for some reason, so he get’s on the bicycle and he’s just done. He rode home just screaming, ‘I’m drunk on a bike’ so we made that our second albums name. It was definitely something you could only get away with in college.”

Bass player, Chad Melvin O’Brien, who is going to graduate school at Smith College for Social work, said he was also pumped for the show on Thursday.

“The best part of our band is that we have different elements of music in every song,” Melvin said. “Like in some of our songs we might have some elements of Poison and in others we might have elements of Reel Big Fish.”
Despite the band’s different tastes in music, Hunter said it helps them mesh however, there are limits.

“Like just because I like 80’s hair metal it doesn’t mean I’m gonna wear leather pants and do 10 minute guitar solo’s,” Hunter said.

The band is scheduled to play at Westfield State Thursday at 8:30 p.m. and at Castleton in Vermont on Friday .

“Everybody should come check it out,” Hunter said.

“Yea, it’s gonna be sexy!” Melvin said.


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August 30, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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